Curse Voice server for GM Developers



Hey there! I am Caloxeno, a GM newbie, And I just created a Curse Voice server for GM developers!
You can enter it by following this link:
In case you are curious, I will answer some FAQ:
What´s Curse Voice?
I will give you the easiest explanation; Curse Voice is like Skype and Teamspeak together, and for gamers.

Do I have to download/install something?
You can download the Curse Voice app if you want, but you can use it from your browser

Do I need to register?
As long as I know, yes, you need a Curse account

What´s a Curse Voice Server?
It´s like a Teamspeak server, but in Curse Voice.

Do I have to talk or hear others talk?
No, you can just join the chat lobby, and you will not have to talk or hear anyone

Can I mute Curse Voice or the server if they bother too much?
Yes, you can

If you have any other questions, make sure to ask me, I will answer all the questions.
And if you want to apply for moderator of the server, please send me a private message.

Thank you! :)