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    This is my first game and I really enjoyed learning everything I did. My coding is not the best and some things may still not work as intended, but I really loved using GameMaker! I made this using a trial for a game jam and I'm trying to purchase a license of some sort soon.

    This game is a very simple one, and it may not be the next big thing or whatever, but I spent a lot of time on it and learning about the various functions and stuff of GameMaker.

    The main concept of the game is to destroy the cubes by clicking all quadrants on them as quickly as they appear as possible.

    • If you do not destroy the enemy cube within the 5 seconds allotted, a bigger, harder-to-kill boss cube will spawn.
    • You have 10 seconds to destroy the boss, or else the game is over
    • Clicking anywhere on the enemy besides the marked quadrant will deal damage to yourself
    • The game can also end if your health reaches 0
    • Your level is persistent
    There is a stats page when you pause the game, and also an option to disable/enable music.

    I want to add more things to the game such as different shaped enemies, different types of bosses, objectives and much more.

    Here is a link to the game, thanks for checking it out!

    Main Menu

    Regular Enemy

    Boss Enemy

    Stats Screen in Pause Menu

    Game Over Screen​

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