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Windows Creation Code Bug?


When I enter the creation code for an instance (pic 1), close out the creation code window and reopen it, the code is gone (pic 2). However, if I do the same thing (enter creation code, close it, reopen it) for another instance, it's fine - the creation code is still there when I reopen it (pic 3). Also, not long before I experienced this behavior, the creation code for these same platform objects in the same room were pulling up as drag and drop, with no way to write in any code. However, instances in another room were still opening up with GML creation code windows. After about 10 minutes, the creation code in the room that was opening up as drag and drop reverted back to GML creation code windows. I didn't change any settings or do anything I'm aware of to make it change from drag and drop to GML. This all seems like buggy behavior. If it's something I'm doing wrong, please let me know. Also please let me know if you have any questions. I just installed the most recent update. You can see my info in pic 4.



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Where is your project stored? On a local storage drive, a network drive, a cloud-synced folder that is not actively syncing, a cloud-synced folder that is actively syncing...? The further to the right you get on that list, the more likely things go poof.


Hi. My project is stored on my hard drive - no cloud folders or network drives. I do use Git/Source Control, but I've been doing that for about a year and a half without any problems.


You should submit a bug at https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us
They will probably need your project.

I've recently seen weird behaviour where every piece of code in every object gets deleted. It happened to my sons project, which only had about 3 hours work on it, so we recreated it in the same project, and the next day it did the same thing. We've now created a new project and tried again, and it seems better, but it's a worrying bug as even with source control the problem seems to be a corruption within the project itself. I'm yet to submit the project, but once I get a clearer picture I intend to.