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GMS 2.3+ Creating variations of a character in a multiplayers game


I'm discovering (and enjoying !) Gamemaker, and started to watch several hours of tutos before starting my own.
I'm already facing a problem : I'd like to personalize a selected character with a menu, but I don't know how to "give" him informations.

What I have done so far :
  • detected plugged gamepads
  • created an instance of a "player object" for each plugged gamepad
  • In "player object", I have a step event : if I press a button, an instance of a "menu object" is created. So, each "player object" instance creates its own "menu object" instance.
  • I can pass informations from player instance to the menu it's created, with :
var inst = instance_create_layer(x - (128 / 2), y + 250, "layer_players", obj_menu);
with (inst) {
    player_number = other.pad_num;
"player_number" is a variable created for the menu, to give it the gamepad (and so the player) number.

It "works", as the menu is effectively "linked" to the right player instance : if I use the gamepad 2, I move into menu 2.

Now the tricky part : after used this menu, I need to pass the new information to the right instance !
In this menu, I can select a "class" for the character (knight, wizard...).

Of course, this code doesn't work :
if (gamepad_button_check_pressed(player_number, gp_face1)) {
    obj_player.character = menu[menu_committed];
because the "menu[menu_committed]" information (knight, wizard...) will be send to all player object instances, and that's not what I want. The first player could chose knight, the player 2 the wizard...

Is it possible ton send back an info to the "parent" instance (the one which created this one...) ?
Am I completely wrong about the logic of what I want ? Should I use instance IDs ?

After that, all is ready in my code : each player object instance will change its sprites according to the right keyword of my menus (knight...), but I need to give that information to the player object instances ! :)

Thank you for your time.


I'm doing something similar with light sources (that can have owners) in my most recent project.
While this won't apply to your specific situation, I hope you'll still be able to get the gist and use the knowledge.

This is what it looks like:

In the owner's CREATE event:
ls = instance_create_layer(x, y, "Lighting", objLightSource);
with (ls) light_owner = other.id;

If no owner is set, it will default to objLightSys (which is my lighting system controller object) as a fallback.
This is a bit tricky because an object_index is different from an instance id. But if you account for that, it works quite well.

For example, if I want the light source to be destroyed when its owner no longer exists, I do this in the step event:
if (!instance_exists(light_owner))
And since this method basically establishes a link between two unique instances, you can do whatever you want with that information, exchange other variables, etc.