Creating Text-Based games for an Absolute Beginner


Hey, I'm pretty new to GM and this, in fact, is my first forum post. I've been learning for the past, but first and foremost, I'm a writer/narrative specialist trying (and failing) to create dialog-focused/text-based games, with the ability to branch off. For the most part, I'm adapting what I've learnt from YT tutorials, primarily focusing on textbox systems for RPGs.

But, ultimately the coding side is really confusing me. My knowledge is beginner level, like I've completed some of the tutorials, such as 'Space Rocks' and basic platformers.

Are there any recommendations for tutorials, either articles or videos, with creating these taxt-based games in GMS2?

Thanks all
FriendlyCosmonaut has a free dialog box piece you can get from the marketplace. It has branching options. I haven't got into it too much though. She also has a youtube channel where she does tutorials. She may have what you need.