Audio Creating Melodies (iOS)



Koji Kondo - Music Theory Study - Melodies

The Lost Woods - Koji Kondo - Ocarina of Time (1998)

Song of Storms - Koji Kondo - Ocarina of Time (1998)

Above /\ This line I'll release new content.
Below \/ This line I'll discuss music theory.
Coming Soon.
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Thumbs up for the "Audio" prefix. @Nocturne, is this something that could be arranged? :)

That AudioLayer app looks interesting, I have to look into that. I have quite a few music apps for my iPad already, didn't know about that one.


@Nocturne Thanks!
I've updated the header. Also, I've added another video (theory soon); Is how I've set it up ok?
@Andrey No.
If I wasn't using Logic, or had no Mac, then I'd use Reaper, or Cubase..., or Bitwig before Reason.
Thor also isn't AUv3, and that makes it rather dated, and unusable in things like modern AUv3 Hubs like AUM, apeMatrix, or even AudioBus3.
Personally, I also prefer real samples (recorded sounds from real instruments) over synths any day. (24bits 44.1 kHz Lossless)
I'm also using open format .SFZ instruments saved to iCloud Drive then loaded into AudioLayer. No paywall. No encrypted formats. Just Music. Open. The way it was meant to be.
Synths can do things real instruments can't. I think they go well together.

If Mozart was alive today, I doubt he'd look down on synthesizers. Rather, I think he'd be glad to have new tools to expand his timbre range further than accoustic instruments ever could!

Saying "I prefer real samples" feels akin to saying "personally, I prefer woodwinds over strings," to me. Synths are just the newest section that's become available to a full orchestra. Anything else feels like self-limiting thinking.

/synthesizer rant
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