GMS 2 Creating aiming system like the one in this game - Help!


Hi guys. I'm new here. So, I'm a big fan of a truly underrated game called "Superfighters Deluxe" and I'm trying to do a similar game in Game Maker and I want to do a aming system like the one in the game. Here you can see how you aim and shoot in that game:

(Select minute 2:11 to 2:25)

Basically if you're holding the amaing key (A) you can't move anymore and the arms with the gun pop up and you can move them up and down whit the up and down keys, then you press letter D to shoot. I'm trying diferent things to make it but I runed into some issues. In my version I created a separated object for the players arms with the gun and in the step event of the player I create that object instance only if I'm amaing but the problem is that if I change the player direction from left to right or viceversa then the "arms" object don't change the direction with it. I'm trying to solve that but so far no luck. Anyways, I need help to make that aiming system. How would you guys do It? If you want I can show you guys my code but I'm really new at this so it probably sucks for now.


I'd say you don't need an entirely new object for the arm, just draw it on top of the player.

To make the arm change direction with the player, set the arm sprite's image_xscale to -1 or 1 depending on which way you want it to face.