Mac OSX Creating a Windows build from GM on a Mac.


Hi guys, I'm about 6 weeks away from finishing my game which I've tested on my iMac and all's well. I need then to create a Windows build to test on a Windows PC when the game is finished. I have zero experience yet in doing this. For Mac users who have done this, my question is . . .

When you finished your game and it all worked fine in testing on your Mac, what experience did you have in creating a build for Windows? Did it work nice and smoothly after building it on a remote worker Windows PC or did the Windows build throw up a bunch of unique problems. In other words, did the Windows build run fine on testing on a Windows PC or did it throw up a lot of bugs?

The reason I am asking this is to allow time for testing on a Windows PC before my game's Steam release date. I'd appreciate any advice by any experienced Mac GM users out there whether to expect a relatively smooth process or a lot of re-writing code etc.

Also, has anyone tried using Parallels as a remote worker to create a Windows build? Or would this be impossible?