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Question - IDE Create new sprite, object, whatever isn't user friendly



Is there any way to get the IDE setup so that when I right click on the objects folder for example, the first option on the right click menu is 'create object'?
From videos I've seen this used to be the default.

The current way is cumbersome (imho), right click folder, go to create, select what you want to create.


I know there is the 'create asset' option

but then you have to click the folder, then click 'create asset', then click the asset.

The GMS1.4 way to create objects etc was much more friendly, again imho.



Forum Staff
Folders in GMS2 are no longer grouped by resource type (you can have sprites in the Objects folder), therefore the old logic doesn't apply here anymore.

Right-click on an existing object and you get an added "Create Object" option.