GMS 2 "Create Moving" Game Maker Studio 2, in DnD or GML with explanation


I noticed GMS2 doesn't have the DnD action "Create Moving" so I don't know how to create moving bullets in different directions in the same action
I'm not good in GML but I used it some times
Please Help


If you assign a speed and a direction variable to an instance, it will move, so just create the instance and then assign those values to it.


When you create an instance, you can create a TEMPorary variable. This will save the ID of the instance created to that variable. You can then set that instances direction and speed by editing the variables direction and speed prefixed with that variable in dot notation. Maybe you can even target that variable, I don't remember. But to explain dot notation, if you don't know, let's assume you made the temp variable bullet. You would set speed and direction of the bullet to the shooter's image_angle like so:
bullet.speed = 4
bullet.direction = image_angle