Create event messing up my spawning objects? [SOLVED]


Goat Mutation

So I'm having an issue and maybe somebody here can help out...
I have a platform with a parent to object solid which all my collision code is on. The obj solid has chance to spawn chest on create above it. I have auto-tile draw code setup on the actual platform to draw edges when another solid is not next to it. That all works just dandy.
So, I wanted to add randomized flowers above the dirt plat by random chance and with random subimages (for diff flowers).
But, when I try to add a create event to set variables on the plat, the chests will no longer spawn on that platform. The flower code all works fine then but, the chests simply won't spawn anymore until I remove the create event from the platform, which I need for my variables. Am I missing something? Maybe there is an easy work around? Any help greatly appreciated!


You have to use event_inherited to execute the parents event code if you overwrite it in a child.

Edit: doh, got beat to the punch.