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GML Create colours from their hexadecimal


I'm new to Gamemaker, and now that I find the color customization theme, I see something I don't really understand.

There is some reason why a hexadecimal color, known with structure (Red, Green, Blue), is asked by the game maker in reverse. (Blue Green, Red).

For example, a Red color, which for everyone in the design market can be # C41411 in hexadecimal.

For GameMaker it is #1114C4 "$1114C4"

It is confusing, because I go to an adobe website, do color comparisons, and take all my hexadecimals. But in gamemaker I have an extra task, to turn it around.

Why? some important reason that I stopped seeing?



If I remember correctly it has to do with how Delphi hex colors were read which is what GM used to be made in? Sorry if I'm wrong but I believe that is the reason.


Be glad it's BGR24 and not BGR16 or BGR8.
Haha, yeah, 16-bit is just horrible. You'd think it wouldn't be that bad, but then you realize that the green ends up half in the one byte and half in the other, making the whole hex string indecipherable...
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