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Windows CRAZY PONG // PVP Online Mode added!



Please let me know, because that way I'll know am I getting it right. And I'll be very happy to know that!
PVP ONLINE MODE ADDED (Tested on Windows 8.1 and 10 using the same wifi.)

Make sure you're connected to the network. Connect to the same wifi usually gave the best performances. To start a game select Host, then tell your friends to select Join. To join the game, you must type the host's IP address, so ask the host. For host, to know this IP address, I'm still working on it. But there is some various way I know to know your IP. Open CMD (Command Prompt) then type in 'ipconfig/all' then just retype the text from 'IPv4 Address' line. Other way I knew is simply search on the browser 'what is my ip'. Open suggestions to find this IP. I'm using 39dll in this game. Also after a connection, <esc> will do quit. I'm still looking for codes to end the connection without end the game. And I'm pretty sure this will be my first and the last game using 39dll.

Here's the game:
[DRIVE]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j1JilbU3CVQoPo235yx3Pb5A5SwvtKtr

- PVP Online Mode added! Contains Host, Join, 1v1, 2v2 and Formation.
- Tips added! Press <T> anywhere to show/hide tips. It contains controls and infos.
- Tips will automatically show as your first time visiting that room.
- Custom textbox asking for IP address on the join room.
- <ctrl><shift><F> to toggle fullscreen.
- <ctrl><shift><R> to force restart.
- <ctrl><shift><D> to delete saved data.
- It's resizeable! My best suggestion to play with this: Drag host's window to the right and the join's window on the left. Halfway each other (see images above.)
- Increase the ice speed by 23%.
- Shoot ices online and get freeze online!
- Prevents ball to have direction 0 or 180 when start and respawn.
- Prevents bat to have a long contact with ball. That affected ball's speed and the bat's hit.
- Name changed to CRAZY PONG (from PONG PVP.)
- Icon changed (add text 'PvP' on the bottom right.)
- Remove 'loading' screen XD.
- Remove 'Check out options apart in the same folder.'*
- Background particles and glow button on some rooms.
- Pictures on the formation menu.
- Animation on walls when the game starts.
*That's actually has a meaning when I wanna create an options separate from the game. But seems really bad idea after think it twice.
- Add Options. Set game time, bat speed, ball speed etc.
- New ability Shield! Protect from ice and fire.
- New ability Fire! Burn the ball when hit.
- New ability Illusion Ball! Create 2 shadow ball when hit.
- New ability Magnet! Pull everything close.
- Add BGM and SE.
- Improve the graphics.
By Hifocus
It's an online multiplayer accidentally conceptualized real-time strategy. With extra gameplay where the bat have an ability to boost the classic pong game play more interesting!

Just started the project last week (SEP/10/2018), and now working on the online mode. I know the online mode is the main thing here as the game title says, but I can't wait to share with all of you guys. So you might wanna give this game a try with its local pvp or play against its brainy AI while wait for the online mode!

Here's the trial:
[DRIVE]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pdhxSj8G4MZxHk9hKdR1-6kU7ubfX4BP


Extra Gameplay

- Ability: Shoot Ice and Get Freeze!
- 2v2 Mode
- 2v2 Formation

Next Extra Gameplay
- Online Mode
- Online Host, Join, 1v1, 2v2, Formation and Online Ice! Get Freeze Online!

Next Next Extra Gameplay
- Another Ability: Shield, Fire, Illusion Ball and Magnet.


Menu: <left> or <right> to select menu; <enter> to confirm;
P1: <up> or <down> to move; <left> or <right> to shoot ice!
P2: <W> or <S> to move; <A> or <D> to shoot ice!
<esc> to restart or close the game.

Feel free to comments!
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Few things:
- It's incredibly generic :/
- I like the particle effects.
- Having made a game similar to this (see in the banner), I was surprised to notice that the ball can be directed when hit. That's a little detail I first skipped over when making Starblast Alpha, so great job on catching it!
- Seeing the title "PONG PVP", I immediately thought it was literally just barebones Pong online, which doesn't sound too exciting. I never even thought of abilities like being able to freeze your opponent, which makes it different from traditional Pong. The title kinda portrays a false impression if you catch my drift, would recommend a title change.
- PVP shouldn't be advertised as the main feature of your game, I think the abilities should. They sound more interesting and make the game unique, something to take advantage of if you want your game to stand out.
- Graphics aren't "different" enough. The particle effects are a nice touch but other than that, it still looks like a prototype.
- UX* is...mediocre at best. Kinda lost when I saw "Wait..." after I first opened the game. Like is it loading something? Then I get to the title screen and I see "Check out options apart in the same folder", and I'm even more confused. I press <enter> and I use WASD to navigate the menu. Nothing. So I use the arrows and viola! It works. Was confusing at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. Below-average first impression.
- Played a normal difficulty match with the AI and was quite impressed on the balance in difficulty. Easy mode is easy, hard mode is...normal? I'm sure there's a difference but I don't see it. Tracking is smarter I guess?
- I like how the ball gets faster after each hit. Prevents endlessly knocking the ball around, forces me to concentrate a little bit.
- Kinda hard to predict whether or not my bullet is gonna hit my opponent. Maybe have it go a little faster?

I know it's WIP so it's got some growing up to do, but here's some things to think about. Will be sticking around to see the progress!

*User Experience, so like GUIs and navigation and stuff.


Yes it's true about generic, I've just learned about multiplayer stuff on GM recently and really exiciting to know how easy to create an online game in GM. So I select a traditional idea and just wanna make it online. That's why I have the name pong pvp.

Just that simple. I'm just aimed to create and share this as a small game to play with my friends. Never have a thought to make money with it. Then I wanna step it up one level by giving it a new mode 2v2 and ability to freeze the opponent as the extra game play. So it looks more interesting, and was challenging for me to make it online. And yes! I realized now it's seems far from pvp as the main feature. Glad you remind me that.

And about graphics, yes, many friends told me that too, they weren't unlike it but didn't really like it too. But I really don't know what to create. They just said not bad, for me it's good enough. So I think it's good enough, maybe because I'm not an artist. But I do planned to upgrade them, just need an idea to start. What do you think it should be? What do you want for the graphics? An 3D bat with gun popped out in the center of the bat when the ability points enough to shoot an ice, and solid half-transparent ice block when the bat freeze. My brother said.

So UX is user experience? Lol I just know that! And GUI is.. (Google: Graphical User Interface.) Oh thanks, I got it. So it's related to navigation and something like.. maybe ingame tutorials? Basically, I have a feeling about that but I don't really know about that. Like the "Wait.." you saw when first opened the game, yes it's a loading with round bar, but it's a FAKE LOADING I created because I have a feeling (of UX) a game should have a loading screen at first opened XD See how crazy I am.. hahaha.. Really sorry about that XD. So I didn't think this is unimportant, but I just have a feeling it's important. Glad you told me that, now I realized what should I do with it.

The AI is programmed to track the ball when the ball comes to it. But with a range, wider range for higher difficulty. I have a picture for that:
To predict whether or not your bullet is gonna hit your opponent, you should predict the movement by know its habit, and yes I can said that because I know what's inside the AI :) Consider that might waste many times playing for other, have it a little faster can be a good idea.

Thanks for replying @CardinalCoder64!


No, it has an ability to freeze the opponents. Else, yes :p. I've planned to put sound fx later. Now I'm just focus practicing multiplayer stuff. Everything just for fun! Thanks for playing man!
BTW regarding finding your IP, this is my fav method https://crymyip.com/
That's a good method. I was thinking about combine it with GM. Maybe something like reach the website from GM then return it on GM.


- Having made a game similar to this (see in the banner), I was surprised to notice that the ball can be directed when hit. That's a little detail I first skipped over when making Starblast Alpha, so great job on catching it!
Just saw this :D Thanks, I've check your project. Liked the controls tips, have a good first impression on that. Now I'm pretty understand UX. It's great job too! Btw, how to create a banner?


There is a good GDC video on making games "juicy." They take a generic brick break game and and some juice to it.

But I can totally understand you are learning the PVP part and thats your focus. I respect that.
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There is a good GDC video on making games "juicy." They take a generic brick break game and and some juice to it.

But I can totally learning you are learning the PVP part and thats your focus. I respect that.
Thanks! Well, if there any possible I could do to make it crazier why not! I'll give it a time to try.


Sorry, I just can't let this things go easy. I knew I have a bad presentation. But I've promised to myself I'll be better. Thanks for showing your care.