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Windows crashes when using pen to draw on Surface Book



so maybe it was a bad idea to make my first game on a free beta version of software, but oh well. It's been going great, except when I draw sprites using the pen on the touchscreen, it'll work for a couple minutes, maybe up to a half hour, but then it a) freezes, b) crashes, or c) says not responding forever. I've had to redraw many things as a result, and have gotten in the habit of saving after every stroke. well this last time I swear I opened the software, went to edit an image, and first swipe it froze indefinitely..... please tell me there's a magical solution to prevent it from freezing.
I am up to date on windows 10, on a Microsoft surface book w/ discreet graphics card (froze running integrated card as well).
Edit: crashed another time very quickly after booting, then inexplicably was good for a couple hours. May have something to do with palm-rejection/multitouch, as by then I was in a position where my palm was not touching the screen while using the pen. Regardless, it is much more comfortable to draw with the palm on the screen, so if it's possible to be fixed that'd be great
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This was fixed a while back.... not sure if it made it into the last build or not though. I basically found exactly the same thing, a twin touch and it went pop.
GraphicsGale, Pyxel Edit, Pro Motion, Aseprite, Krita. All your friends in the meantime. Or maybe forever, if you get good at them. Very powerful programs.