Android Crash Hour



Hi, this is my first game that I published in last October. Game is completely free and ad-free, I made it mostly to gain some experience. I hope you will enjoy it! If you have any feedback, I'm all ears.

Google Play Store:

Test your driving skills as you speed through traffic on an endless highway. Score points and unlock new vehicles by crashing to as many cars as you can, but beware: the police are on their way!

  • Simple controls: just tilt and tap
  • Drive through deserts, tunnels and forests
  • 30 achievements to earn
  • 10+ different vehicles to unlock
I played the game, I like it. The colors could be better and less dingy. Having a green landscape rather than a desert will help too. The health of the opposing vehicles could be slightly less to give the player more of a chance to ram them off the road. You might want to put a gas icon on the fuel tankers.

Having a controls option with arrows and a turbo button rather than tilt might be beneficial.


Alternative control option would definitely be nice, I will add that next.
There is actually a green landscape after 2,5 km, but it takes too long to get there. I will change that, so it doesn't take forever.
There are unlockable vehicles, that have easier time ramming other cars off the road.
You regain fuel from wrecking all cars not just tankers. It is not at all realistic, but it did make for a better game flow. Tankers and buses do work as fuel sources, but their primary purpose is act as more difficult vehicles to get rid off.

Thanks for the feedback!