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UWP Could somebody with UWP please do a quick test for fullscreen?


According to the patch notes the current EA version of GMS 1.4 "added support for fullscreen - new GGS settings for this, plus Alt+Enter and window_..._fullscreen() all work".

However, when I do a simple test on my Win 10 machine (with Creator Update):
  • Create a room
  • Place an object into it
  • Set UWP Global Game Settings to start in fullscreen mode
  • Run Project on UWP target (no YYC)
then I simply get a black window - no fullscreen mode no content is shown.
If I disable "start in fullscreen mode" then I see the normal window with the correct content.

Could someone with the UWP target do a quick test and check if fullscreen works for them?

Thanks a lot in advance!