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GMS 2.3+ Could not find audio file for sound since updating GMS2


Hi All,

Since I have upgraded to the latest version of Game Maker Studio, my game will fail to find the music for certain tracks.

If I listen to them in the IDE and then play the game they will all work, But every time I clear the cache, random ones will not be found.

Error Message
COggAudio PlaySound- could not find audio file for sound sn_heat_of_desert.ogg

I have tried loading in all the sounds again and saving the project but as soon as the cache is cleared the same issue exists.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Export the project as a YYZ and import it again.
No change, there are still always 3 or 4 tracks out of 10 that are not found unless playing every track in the IDE before launch.

It's something wrong with the new update. In the release notes of the latest version is states: FIXED an issue where projects which contain a large number of audio files could fail to build.

It must be to do with the recent changes. My project only has about 20 audio files. half are ogg music (compressed streamed), and half are wav (uncompressed not streamed)


Forum Staff
Is there any observable pattern regarding which of the resources work / don't work as expected? That may make tracking the source of the issue easier.

Either way, please file a bug report as this shouldn't be happening in the first place.