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costum offset based on image_xscale


Is there a formula do to this ?
i have this surface with its offset:
surfAnim = surface_create(180, 140);
AnimXoffset = 88;
AnimYoffset = 128;
iam using it on the object origin x and y to replace the sprite.
draw_surface_ext(surfAnim, x - AnimXoffset , y - AnimYoffset...... ...
problem is the image scale... If i set the scale to 0.5, 0.5.
i need to devide the AnimXoffset /2 and the AnimYoffset /2 ( to keep it on the object center origin )

but i cant do this ....
surfAnim = surface_create(180, 140);
AnimXoffset = 88/image_xscale;
AnimYoffset = 128/image_yscale;
is there a formula to tweak the costum AnimXoffset and the AnimYoffset based on the image scale ?