Cosmic Shooter(working title)


Cosmic Shooter is a topdown single player/coop shooter early in development.
You control a soldier doing missions and tasks to the galactic emperor.

Player 1 controls are keyboard and mouse and player 2 must use gamepad.
In future updates you can choose between keyboard and gamepad.
Lot of stuff is still missing or they are placoholder graphics and sfx but most of the game
systems are working.
There's also mechs you can use but they are still work in progress, so some game systems
with them are missing.

Try the game and give me your feedback.


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Ches Rowe

Good graphics if they are original works. The gameplay is pretty nice and about as good as a top down shooter can be. Although the gamepad controls are really hard and I feel like there needs to be some kind of aim assist. Keep up the good work!


I like your graphics, they look really good! You have a great menu and HUD layout. The only thing I would change is the view. Make the view a little closer to the player, this will provide more of a challenge to the game.

Other than that, great work! Keep it up! :)


Thanks for the comments.
About graphics, few gun pictures are found from internet (too lazy to create new at the moment) and couple level props like brown and gray boxes like in the bottom picture are from some old cartographer program.
Characters and some props are top down renders of my 3d models with some image editing. Rest are created by me by using different textures and low level art skill.
edit: I havent done the mechs. They are from OpenGameArt.

Gamepad aiming is pretty hard I know but thats something to work on near future.

I think the view is about right distance. I dont like it to be too close or player cant see enemies and who's shooting him. When I get to work more with enemies and AI that view distance allows more enemies on sceen, faster gameplay and
player to "read" environment and events better.


New update.
Fixed some bugs.
Added/changed some graphics.
New music.
New mission.

Music, sfx, some graphics are still place holders and will change in the future(for better I hope) :)
Give me some feedback on the current state of the project and if you encounter any bugs.
I changed gamepad aiming and it's little bit better now. Altough my gamepad is not working well so cant test it properly at the moment. I'll have to implement some aim assist later.


Thanks for reading and ask/comment anything you want.

Attached couple new screenshots.cs_new_1_1.jpg cs_new_2_1.jpg
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ElectricdonkeyYT. Thanks for the video review. I noticed quite a lag in the video. Was the game lagging or the video?
Early versions of the game had occasional lag because of vsync, but that should be fixed in this version. You can also switch vsync in the options.
Should I add mission objective permanently on top screen? Some missions display mission info all the time but I didn't add it to all missions beacuse most of the time you just need to
advance forward and kill everything that moves.
Enemy AI is currently very basic. For example their aim assist script is totally empty and they shoot only to players current position without adding player movement and speed.

Gerald Tyler

Hey there! Just a few things
Love the explosions
With the pistol's damage output, there's no reason for the player to ever choose the pistol over the other weapons. So perhaps give it a reason to exist?
Discovered glitch where you can start reloading Weapon A, then if you swap to Weapon B it'll reload it. Will be exploitable if one weapon has a significantly shorter reload than others.
Power ups don't appear to stack, would be pretty fun for the player if they did.
Found exploit where when in "Power up" mode, timer doesn't decrease while rolling.
At the end of the level, it would be nice to get a waypoint to the elevator. The level is filled with so many empty rooms, that at first I thought the elevator room was just more set decoration.
In the first part of the bandit level, bullets go over things like large rocks which would appear to be cover, except the bullets go through them. Then after the elevator, in part 2 things actually do act as cover. I would say pick one style and be consistent with it.
Lacking sound effect for roll, reload, weapon swap
Enemies popped in next too me far too often
Game should auto pause immediately if player swaps tabs. Was jotting down notes on here and now I'm at 4 health, haha

Cheers mate =)


Hi and thanks for feedback.

Lots of stuff still missing like sound effects but slowly they're getting in the game.
Originally player started with two weapons and other was pistol. Later you could upgrade to three weapons but that changed somewhere on the go.
Original idea was to have player use melee attacks and weapons, but thats not included yet. The whole weapon and inventory system might change later, I'm not quite happy with the current system.
About the rocks and stuff. Bullets should not go through them. I haven't seen that happen in my game play. Some objects are designed that way you can shoot over them, but not walk.
Usually they are the smaller props. But everything stays consistent from level to level. I'll see if I can find anything that's not correct or should be changed.
Waypoints and on screen info what to do, are on my to do list.
Lately I've been adding gamepad support for menus and ui and trying to make smarter ai so they can flank player and act as team. Lots of other improvements and bug fixes also.
I'll release new demo when I'm happy with the progress.

Appreciate the feedback. :)