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GMS 2.3+ Corrupted game and game files


My game got suddenly corrupted. Many of the game files were were emptied down to 0 bytes, including all the step scripts (but not eg. create or alarm scripts), some sound files (but not all) and some sprites (yet animations lost only their first frames). I managed to recover the lost sprites and the sound files but was unable to get back the step scripts. I found that the sounds and images can be recovered from the build cache - any chance the scripts are cached somewhere as well?

Using IDE version


Forum Staff
I'm not aware of code being cached anywhere in its raw form (at most in its compiled form).

Do you have a backup of your game? If so, load the backup. If not, start making backups so you won't lose a lot if this happens again. Even better yet, start using source control so that data loss is no longer synonymous with hardware damage, loss or theft.