Coronavirus Game Jam


Hello fellow Game Makers devs!

If you're stuck at home and want to create a videogame, we've made the Coronavirus Game Jam :

2 important points:
-Concept: As we don't know when the pandemic will end, the game jam is running weekly. Each session goes on one week, from Monday to Sunday. Sunday evening, we vote for the best game of the week. At the end of the pandemic, we'll vote for the best game.
-Theme: coronavirus pandemic. Beware: it's currently going, some people are suffering, some are dying, some have their relatives in hospital
=> no game with zombies, rifle, killing in general. Please. This kind of game will be disqualified and removed from game list. In case of doubt explain your concept here before coding it.
=> Do rather crisis management games, hospital builders, puzzle, etc - there's a lot of ideas.

Make a project alone, with your friends, with your children, make a big or a small project, make it serious or fun, it's up to you!