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Question - General Copyright Question

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I am currently using icons for my asset pages that I didn't make and while I'm not claiming to have made them I also am not crediting the authors.

The icons are from the KDE breeze icon pack and are licensed under LGPL.

It is my understanding LGPL can be used even in closed source works provided the DLL can easily be switched out with a different version and the LPGL library is not altered or statically linked, this implies you do not have to credit the authors because for instance YoYoGames used SDL version 1 in GM4Mac 7.5 unlike version 2 it is LGPL and they did not credit them anywhere that I could tell so I guess that means you don't need to credit?

I assume the lack of credit is a bit different when it comes to image copyrights instead of libraries, because with libraries you are limited to the specific library file name to identify the software itself and indirectly its author through that, otherwise when linking with the library it won't be recognized by the compiled development header which called for a specific library filename.

So my question is, before any more days pass that I don't have the breeze icons properly credited, how must I achieve that? Or should I just contact the breeze icons creators and ask them for their preference on that?

It could be done a number of ways, whether through linking to the breeze icons COPYING-ICONS text file on GitHub, and the link being, for example, Copyright (C) 2014 Uri Herrera <uri_herrera@nitrux.in> and others. or do I need to put the entire flippin' copying-icons text file actually on the marketplace page itself? I'm not sure if linking to it is sufficient legally. I also will mention the icons were slightly modified by me and @YellowAfterlife to give what platforms the extension was made for and a solid background color, while also resized.

I hope I didn't get me and YAL in legal trouble by doing this without crediting initially, but if anyone who is familiar with KDE sees those icons, they should know by common sense that it isn't my artwork right off the bat and I'm not claiming to have made it, and from the start I intended to credit them, I just was anxious to get rid of my other icons that had a very inconsistent style to them and wasn't sure about the best means to credit, or if credit was even necessary because it appears it just isn't in the case of libraries, so I don't know how it works with icons.


I just emailed the copyright holder: uri_herrera@nitrux.in. we'll see what they say. In the meantime this topic can be a visible means of credit until I have done so how they prefer on the actual marketplace pages.
My legal questions concerning your breeze icon pack you created for the KDE community can be found here:

Please get back to me as soon as you can, and I'm really sorry for not honoring your copyright initially, I was planning to credit you but I realize now I shouldnt have published without crediting in the same update to the webpage. I don't think these things through enough. I hope you forgive me. I'd also would like to know who else should be credited besides you, as "and others" listed in the copyright might not be sufficient.

The icons used can be seen here:


Do I need to credit on my publisher home page and on each of the linked asset pages that also have the icons shown? Or is one or the other sufficient? I'd prefer to do both depending on how much info needs to be given on each page concerning the copyright.

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