Demo Coop detective game


Hi (you can skip this one paragraph) I was thinking where to post it and if I should even post it. For me it is finished, so I could post it to Made with gamemaker. But it is very unfinished game, so it is better to post here, maybe in game design, but whatever.

I spent on this game about a week and I was watching true detective, mindhunter and unbelievable. Now you know where I inspired. First idea was totally something else. But then I had this idea.

So the game is about two detectives, but they have very different job. One is in office and second one is running around town. And here comes the coop idea. One player is in office and second player in the field. Only comunication is talking with each other somehow (discord). I tried to design it in a way that the game do not need internet connection.

What is player one doing?
Examinating evidence, searching in database, giving adresses to other playerm questioning suspects. Doing office work like managing archive. So much things. I actually like this stuff much more.
What is player two doing?
Talking with people, looking for evidence, driving around.

I had to motivate my self very much to work on this. Little bit because of poor graphic.

After making this demo I relised few things.
I want isometric view. Characters will still have personality and it will add so much more to gameplay. I inspired with uncanny valley, but I am bad graphic especially doing this one.
Now I know much better what I want in office and how to handle it.
I thought that player one will be bored. But he is doing much more stuff than player two in the field. I know that player two has more action, but result depends on both of them and I think this makes the coop game and this game especially good.

In video is not everything.

Game download

Tab - switch character, rest is in game
Search engine: type 'database gun andnumberofthegun' or 'database id nameof person'.

Thanks for reading and I would really like to hear your feedback about coop.