GMC Forums Cookie Policy Display Issues


So I see there's a new cookie policy notice on the left-hand side of the screen when you log in. But it seems to me that it's not showing up correctly. The buttons and sliders have text that is horribly off-center, and the "On / Off" aren't even remotely symmetrical. I tried in Firefox and in a factory-fresh version of Chrome (both on Ubuntu 18.04) and got the same results. Just wanted to bring this to people's attention.


I like the on/off switch idea , but I do not like the idea of the cookie notice being on the left handed side. It should have stayed at the bottom, like most other websites do for their cookie notices.


On a 1366x768 screen you also cannot click the "save and close" button if you ask for more details. The button is off the bottom of the screen and you can't scroll down to it.

Also Ubuntu 18.04, using latest version of Opera Browser.


I've been fine, but I've been using proprietary operating systems and browsers. Not saying I'm proud of it, but yeah, no display issues with that so far...