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Converting Studio project back to 8.1?



First of all, hello! I've just joined the GameMaker forums. I've been developing in 8.1 (but I do own studio) for the last three or so years. Anyway, onto my issue, and I apologize in advance if this doesn't really count as "Tech" Support:

GameMaker 8.1 contains some functions I need for a new game I'm working on, but on the GameMaker: Marketplace (which is only for Studio,) I own nacho_chicken's wonderful textbox engine. What I plan on doing is just creating a project file, importing the engine, converting it, and then importing its resources into my project. There's one key issue though- I can't find a converter.

While yes, I understand it is most likely difficult to convert them, it's also difficult to have a GameMaker 8.1 decompiler function. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone knows of any Studio-to-8.1 Converters.



The Laughing Rogue
Howdy, ccooldean, and welcome to the GMC. $:^ ]

YYG dropped Studio-to-8.1 conversion years ago because (in short) of so many changes and new features. Studio will import from legacy but not export to -- and I haven't heard of anyone attempt to create a third-party converter, I expect primarily for the reason YYG dropped it.

Meanwhile -- and this line of discussion might garner a need to move to Programming -- what functions do you need for your game? You're almost guaranteed to be able to do it in Studio via a different manner.

Bob $:^ J