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Windows Converting my game to other platforms



I'm making a game in GMS2 on a WIndows 10. Is there a way to also convert it to Mac or Linux? I tried changing it in the top-right corner but it tells me to plug in my Mac, which I don't have.

Can I convert to Mac without owning a Mac? I've seen other game engines be able to do this.


You can use a virtual machine to build to Ubuntu (e.g. download VirtualBox, install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on it, then follow these instructions), but there is currently no documented way to build to Mac without a physical Mac. Supporting that officially would have been against Mac App Store requirements to start with, and YoYo can't afford to sour their relationship with Apple just to cater to people too cheap to get a real Mac.

Besides, personally I would NOT play a game if I knew the author has never physically tested it on the target platform. Just way too much could go wrong when the final product places blind trust in the compiler. If something goes wrong, my only recourse as an end user would be the uninstaller. If it even works, that is.