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Control Schemes is a paid extension that implements a design pattern for input handling. It makes implementing controls a simpler matter of following the design pattern.

A "control scheme" is a term I made up to describe a set of user inputs, combined with their effects. Many games in a given genre make use of similar controls, and rather than have to re-implement each and every time, I thought it would be useful to create functions that implement archetypal control schemes, in a way that is flexible and configurable, by calling modular, re-usable functions that reduce the overall amount of coding that the developer needs to write themselves.

This asset is incomplete; there are a lot of things that I had planned to do with it, but have not made updates to it in a long time. Eventually, I would like to have a multitude of implemented control schemes to make it easy to drop in and use the extension for various types of games. For now, it just offers two schemes, one for a Space Invaders-style fixed vertical shooter, and one for an Asteroids-like free-flight game. Currently only the movement controls are implemented for these schemes; the button input handling for firing, etc. has not been implemented.

Originally I had it up on the Marketplace for free, so I could get feedback from users, but after many downloads and zero feedback, I set a price to discourage people from downloading it.

The asset also includes a large number of macros, which provide shortcuts to various keyboard and gamepad functions, so you can write them with far less typing. I think this alone is worth the $0.99 cost.

Please review it if you give it a try!
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