Forum Issue Contact moderators and old account


Earlier today I published a post about my new game in "Made with Game Maker", I though the post follow the guidelines and that just needed to be review by moderators, but the post has been archived. I would like to know the reason to fix it, but I can't start a conversation with Nocturne.
Besides that, my old account has been deactivated and I made a new one, so I had no messages, which I understand may be causing this problems.
If any moderator read this message or anyone knows how to contact them, I would like to know what's wrong with my post, and if is possible to recover my old account.
I'm gonna start showing my game, and when I launched my first one, the post in this forum help me a lot to improve my game and myself as a developer, and I would like to show my new one here first again and know the opinion of the GameMaker community.


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Forum Staff
Hello! Do you mean this topic? It's been approved, not archived. Please understand that there is a minimum of quality that is expected of games published to that forum and as such all posts need to go through moderator preview before being made visible to the public. This can take anywhere between 1 hour and 24 hours, depending on the staff that are online, so a little patience is required. As for not being able to contact me, I suspect that this is because yo have a new account and are required to have at least 5 published posts before you get access to all the forum features (this is a spam prevention method).


The post disappear from the forum after some time, so I thought had been archived or deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience of this other post šŸ˜“