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Mac OSX Connecting to Mac

Hi, I'm following the guide to connect my Mac as a device on GMS2 via windows.

I keep getting 'connection to 192.168.x.x failed'.

Tried multiple inputs for the fields but no luck, I think my Mac is just not accepting it.

Any help greatly appreciated


First of all, check
ping 192.168.x.x
. If ping fails, it mean either your Mac is not connected to the same network, or not connected to internet at all. Remember, that both devices need to be connected in same network (same router, no subnetworks).
Hi, the ping seemed to work OK

They are both connected to same network and both to the internet.

The connecting failed on 2 different PC's so its a problem with the Mac I think.


Not sure about what you're talking as I'm not on mac now - can you give a screenshot on what option we talk ? Maybe then we can ask Nocturne to add it if it's not there yet :)


Does it say to enable local access in the yoyo tutorial? Couldn't see it.
The Helpdesk article for Mac OS X setup said:
You will now need to download the command line tools for Xcode (available from its downloads/updates section) as without this GM can't call Xcode properly. Next, enable remote login via System Preferences > Sharing as shown in the image below: