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GMS 2.3+ Confused about which edition to buy


You have a lot of different editions and i find it a bit confusing what licenses i need to buy

I initially want to make games for Android and iOS so i know i will at least need the $199 mobile license

Do I need any other license though as well as this such as a basic desktop license to run the software fully on my Mac?
I don't wan't to develop games for Mac but i got the impression i might need some sort of desktop license as well as a mobile license or does the mobile license contain everything i need?

Also is the mobile license every year or is it a one off cost?

And finally later I might want to start supporting Nintendo Switch, if i get the mobile license first can i easily also add Nintendo Switch later by purchasing the $799/year license for Switch?
You don't need the desktop license, that's only to "Export" your games to Desktop platforms. The mobile license will give you the IDE and everything you need for the mobile exports, just like the desktop license gives you everything you need for the desktop exports.

It's a one off cost.

You can add the Nintendo Switch later on yes, and add any and all platforms if you wish later on as add-ons.

It's the best Game Dev Engine out there!