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Question - IDE Condense windows in workspace?


I'm sorry if this is a basic, well known feature that I just don't know about, but is there a way to condense the windows in a workspace? Let's say I open up a bunch of windows, and by default they all open with each one being right below the last. Then if I delete a bunch in the middle, there are suddenly large gaps in my workspace and the workspace looks disorganized. Is there a way to quickly condense all the open windows so that they're right on top of eachother, the way they are when first opened?


Friendly Tyrant
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Hello! I'm afraid there is no way to do what your asking... However it does seem like a very valid request, so I would suggest filing a bug report with YYG and requesting they add this feature (YYG are happy to receive feature requests through the bug reporting system, so don't worry :) ). On a side note, you might find the information in this tech blog helpful: https://www.yoyogames.com/en/blog/workspace-navigation-tips-and-tricks