Windows Concerning Space and GMS2 Projects


I have an SSD drive and a regular old hard drive. I have GMS2 installed on my SSD. My problem is that I keep running out of space. Suggestions?


You could always save the projects to the other drive or archive project that you aren't working on at the moment.
@curato I think I deleted the projects on the SSD drive. Not sure though. Where are the projects saved? Because it looks like I have projects scattered around all my drive.

How do you turn off audio groups?
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They are saved wherever you specify when creating them, and wherever you move them to afterwards.

The Audio Group Manager is available from the Tools menu in the IDE's menu bar.


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Projects are saved where you save them; the default suggested path is in My Documents (which nobody I know uses) so if you just picked default paths that might've caused the scattered projects you're seeing.