Team Request concept art / sketches for 32x32 sprite set



Im deciding upon the graphical style for my 2d puzzle adventure. Aimed at android / fire and windows. possibly other platforms.

This is not a paid position. Im not expecting payment myself. This is to prove that i / we can get a finished game out there.
Although i will look at monetisation later, and discuss with any team members. Artists will appear in credits. Artists not used will appear under special thanks. Succesfull artist should do this for the love of making games or for the experience and kudos.
Im not expecting a world class artist, so if you have anything to offer at all, or just want your graphics in a finished game. please get in touch.

Working title: Pop Blox Adventure
Target Audience
Age Range 15-40
Fun and colourful style that is child friendly.

This game is a Top down puzzle based adventure that has game mechanics resembling sokoban and zelda link to the past.
Sprites tilesets icons will be 32x32.

I only require some rough concept sketches at this stage. i have prototypes.

The Final game will be broken down into several themed levels such as:
field, forest, desert, tundra, cave, castle and tomb.

What i want is:
Hero: Adventurer on a mission for a giant gem, fame and glory.
Character will have an inventry of items in the game such as bombs boomerang, bow and arrows.
Adventurous and fun are the main themes.

7 enemy types based on the themes, field, forest, desert, tundra, cave, castle and tomb. also spiders and rats.

sokoban style block types: wall, crumbling wall, ice, fire, wood, bomb, exit/goal ideas, keys and doors,

Collectables; bomb, bow, boomerang, lamp, small gems, large gems, arrows, coin/s,

lives images.

Icons: play, options, highscores, exit. program icons

All sprites and icons will be 32x32 in the game.

concept cover art/ splash screens: based on all the above. featuring hero, giant gem, pushable block, enemies and tomb style background.

Full artistic freedom expected, far out and unusual, and individual style is a plus. must be safe for children. (the art, not the person)

Please contact me with some basic sketches, ideas if you want to be involved. I am just deciding upon the style to be used here. based on any art i recieve.
i am currently a team of 1, full time, im expecting around a 2 month timescale from now to finish. set to change. (which it will) Thanks for reading.
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