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i am Atra and i would love to use and further my skills on a game project of yours.

I have written songs for years and have gathered a big assortment of high profile sample library and programs which i would love to turn into a game of any kind. I lean to do a bit more orchestral stuff, but i would also like to do electronic or chiptune.

I have not worked on completed games yet and i am looking to gain experience. For that, i offer my services for free if your game is non profit at that moment. If you plan to make money with it, i of course would love some compensation. But its nothing you would need to worry directly.

As i am not an experienced sound designer, experience is stuff i expect from this the most :)

** Samples **

You can hear a few of my tracks here:

Track 1 Tale of hope. Small orcestra music. Dramatic and hopeful https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/tale-of-hope-new-version

Track 2 Fighters Dream. Rock/Metal Character Theme for a fighting game. https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/fighters-dream

Track 3 Desolate City (electronic) https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/desolate-city

Track 4 Jump into the unknown. (Tense) A piano piece which is written as a piece which tells a story. https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/jump-into-the-unknown

And some dark ambience if you want https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/ambient-attic

As you hear i am not perfect but willing to better myself with my tools.


Classically trained in

Classical Piano 3 years
1 years play guitar
4 years in composition

Hardware and software:

I have my own home studio, and am experienced using the following software:

Cubase Pro 10 Maschine Native Komplete Ultimate 12 EZ Drummer Era 2 (and a lot more sample libraries. From Medieval to modern. I own all the licences legally)


If your game i non profit i would offer my services for free. But i do have a dayjob though. Dont expect stuff super fast^

If you want to do something which will pay later on, i would love some compensation afterwards

Just write me or write in this post to get in contact :)
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Hello Atra,
I have several projects going on over the past year or two, but currently I am making a 4x Turn based game and things are progressing rather quickly.

It is a stone age / early modern human time period 4x (Master of Orion-like / clone if you're familiar with that type of game). If you're interested, I do plan on selling the game and looking for anyone interested in a per-sale based commission. This will be my first completed "for sale" game which is probably a month or two away from completion if things continue to progress as they have.

Message me if you're interested.