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Snowy Fox


Greetings, and welcome to the little den I've made for myself here amongst the GameMaker community! Please wipe your feet, the dirt floor is freshly swept.

My name is Snowy Fox, and, as you may have guessed when you first saw this post and the big logo with the word "audio" in it, I make noises. I like to think they're pretty ones, and that there are some other people out there who think so too. Of course, what I've really let you in here to tell you is that I can make some noises for your game, if you'd like me to.

I can blabber on all day, but I'm sure what you actually want to hear are some examples, so here you go:

Example the First: Caverns
Caverns was made for the freely-distributed RMN Music Pack, and you can download and use it in non-commercial projects if you're so inclined. Despite its increasingly significant age, to this day, a lot of people tell me they like this one. Besides the given link to the full pack, you can find a game-ready version of Caverns on my website, here.

Example the Next: Legendaria
Ahh, Legends of Legendaria. Maybe one day I'll get around to finishing this RPG Maker game off. In the meantime, music is my primary focus, and it was also a big enough deal to me at the time for me to want to compose an overworld theme for this classic JRPG-inspired fantasy adventure, too.

Example the Additionally: Memories of the Questlands
For something with somewhat less of an RPG slant, this was composed for the main menu and character creation screens of a (sadly canned retro-inspired action adventure sandbox game with procedurally-generated worlds and quests. I wanted to convey the expansive scope of the medieval-themed world, whilst using little synthy touches to tie it in with the game's retro visuals.

Incidentally, I retained full rights to this track and another one made for the project, and they are both yet to find a home. If you think a sound like this would be perfect for your game, please get in touch! I'd love to make more music in this retro-Celtic style.

I'm Running Out of Ways to Present Examples: M-DRIVE
M-DRIVE is a full music pack inspired by the distinctive FM-based sound of the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you had that kind of upbringing). While it's geared somewhat towards RPGs, as much of the music I compose for myself tends to be, many of its tracks were composed to be able to work in various different game genres. Here's a little selection of samples from it. By the way, psst psst, the music pack's also available on my website. Just mentioning that.

Also Present: A Remix of a Tune from a Game for a Platform that I Never Owned
Yes, I mostly make music specifically for games. Yes, I also sometimes make music purely for the fun of it. Yes, that music is also usually game-related. Yes, I have a problem.

As you might gather from my given examples, I'm most experienced with RPG music, partly due to my prolific-ish involvement with the RPG Maker community. But while I'm happy to do more music for Japanese-inspired fantasy games, I'm eager to sink my pointy little vulpine teeth into something else - hence why I now come sniffing around the less specifically themed GameMaker neighbourhood - and I'm more than comfortable with incorporating a wide range of styles and influences into my music, including electronica, retro, classical, ambient, trance, folk, rock, jazz, and many more.

I like to think that my JRPG-inspired background has lent me a keen ear and sense for strong melodies, chord progression, and dynamic structure. I've been honing my craft for over twenty years, and hold myself to the highest standards I can when it comes to composition, mixing, mastering, and even implementation, if needed.

I also hold myself to equally high standards when it comes to client relations, and I will do my uttermost to ensure any music I compose for you fits your game perfectly - whether it's for an exclusive or non-exclusive deal, if you commission me, whatever music or sounds I make will be made for your project, and I won't rest until you're 100% satisfied with the results.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you like the above examples and think I might be a good match for your project, feel free to get in touch! Let me know what your project is and what you'd like me to create for it, and I'll get a quote to you as soon as I'm able.If you're not quite sure, I'm also willing to throw together brief demos for those who have a particular sound in mind.

More info and a few more examples can be found on my website.

Thank you for your interest, and happy creating!