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Victor Wolf

I am a professional musician and composer. I work mostly with synths, and have been making electronic music for eight years. I've self released two albums, done one game soundtrack (never went to market, but I was paid), and am about to start work on another.

My electronic music falls pretty neatly into two categories. About two thirds of my songs are ambient, the others video-gamey, groovy music with more traditional song structure.

These were made specifically to be video game music:
Cave Level: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/cave-level
Final Level: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/final-level-master

Ambient samples:
Ambient tune: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/cinder
Ambient track featuring some guitar: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/fracture
Floating through space: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/sugar

These next three songs are probably going on my next album:
Weird loopy tune (last minute especially cool): https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/can-of-worms-new-mix
One of my favorites: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/bell
This one starts aggressive and then chills out halfway through: https://soundcloud.com/wolfstick/valve

If you're interested, email me at vectorwolfmusic@gmail.com. I'd be more than happy to look at some screenshots/gameplay footage, or even play a chunk of your game, and then compose a small demo tailored for your specific project.
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Just wanted to drop a quick comment about your lovely work! The Cave and your Ambient guitar track are really nice. Loads of depth and musicality. Reminds me (in a non copy cat way) of the Machinima soundtrack. Well done!