Complex slot machine


I'm working on a slot machine of 3x5. But I like to extend it with colored images in each cell, and a boarder in each cell. They can also form winning combo's.
I also want to add multiple bonus games.
I also like to hold certain cells before spinning again.

What do you think of such a game concept?
Update: Why 50 reviews and no responses? I use GM since version 5.3. I have some nice experience and I made several games.
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You could simplify the game a lot by just having a button that says "click here". When the player clicks it, you either display YOU WIN or YOU LOSE. Real-life slot machines just pretend to be advanced to draw people in (and skinner-box them into addiction by handing out smaller rewards occasionally) but are just luck-based and made to make people lose more money than they win. I don't see why anyone would want to play a game version of this when there's no chance of winning anything worthwhile (neither real money or rewards for a bigger game that uses the slot machine as a minigame), and people are up in torches and pitchforks about lootboxes already as-is, so making a game all about gambling might not be the most appealing idea.