Android Completed Achievements?


I have setup some achievements in a couple of my games on Google Play. They work just fine but when the player completes an achievement, google services won't notify the player in game to let them know. It will show the achievement completed on the achievement board but it just doesn't notify them when it is actually completed. I know Steam automatically does this, it will have a popup at bottom of screen showing when an achievement is completed. So is this something I need to do myself? For example, create a popup window for each achievement to notify player when it is completed. I tried that and problem I had was even if an achievement is completed it will still show the popup. What can I use to say hey, if the achievement is completed don't show the popup anymore since it was already done. Ideas? Thanks!


First, ask for the state of all achievements. Drop those from the list that have been completed. At intervals of your choosing, ask again. If an achievement has flipped to completed, notify player and drop the achievement from list. Although, since your game would also know when an achievement has flipped from not done to done, you could start asking for that single one only after completion, then pop up a notification when the servers agree.