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Forum Game Complete the Grid



Let's play a game.

We start with a grid. Each cell is 64 pixels square. One person picks a cell and fills it in with a drawing, usually connecting to one or more sides. The idea is to leave what's on the other side of the line to the imagination of the other players, to form a more complex work. Once the whole grid is finished, the player who filled in the last square submits a new grid with a new filled cell, and the game begins again.

  • No Double-Posting/Claiming Multiple cells
  • Nothing overly crude or offensive. Keep it family-friendly
  • Be polite

Dealing with delays:
This is a large forum. Chances are good that at some point multiple people are bound to pick the same square. Before you fill in your cell with your actual image, put an X or other symbol in it and reply with that. Then you can edit your post afterwards. Whoever's post was first gets the cell. If you aren't the first poster, but you really had your heart set on that cell you may NICELY ask that the person who was first allow you to use the cell. The choice is up to them. If they allow it, great! But if they say no, please respect that they were first.

Now let's have some fun! I'll start: