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This is the complete RTS engine for Game Maker Studio!!! It allows you to gather resources, build a town, train an army, and fight a computer opponent. You will have the ability to create your own maps using Game Maker's Room Editor. Just replace the sprites with your own top down artwork and you will have a working Real Time Strategy game in no time! The style is very similar to Warcraft and StarCraft!

Available now on the GM Marketplace:
RTS Engine Complete Commercial:
Build a town and harvest gold and wood.

Battle the computer.

Here's a shot of the grid based pathfinding.

- Harvest gold and wood with your peasants
- Construct farms, barracks, lumber mills, black smiths, towers, stables, and town halls
- Buildings can create rally points for units to move towards when they are done being trained
- Upgrade weapons and armor for your units at the black smith
- Upgrade the town hall to a keep
- Enemy AI will construct their town, harvest resources, build units, defend, and attack
- Select difficulty for the enemy AI (easy, medium, hard)
- Heal your units at a healing fountain
- Create control groups for units (0-9)
- Attack move(attack the first enemy in a direction)
- Finite state machine (Idle, Attack, Move, Attack Move, Idle Attack, Hold, Stop)
- Fog of war
- Mini-map
- Advanced pathfinding
- Train peasants, footmen, archers, knights, and create units that can even be rescued
- Trees, water, and dirt auto tiling
DEMO: Complete Engine.exe?dl=0
Make sure you create a constant variable called GRID_SIZE and set it equal to 72. You can do this by going to Macros and double-clicking on Default.
Graphical assets may not be redistributed, or re-used in a free or commercial product. Source code may be used freely.

Available now on the GM Marketplace:

Works on GM 2(Windows only) and GM 1.4.

Feel free to give me feedback for features and bug fixes. Thanks!
Haha it could be, though I'd imagine it'd be a 3d game. They are doing Warcraft Reforged which I am looking forward to. I am using this engine to build my own RTS which will be Warcraft inspired. I grew up on the games.

BG Games

I am working on universality and structure for the most part now. A unit is an object that can be both a building and a combat unit and a neutral creature. I also think over the editor of maps and campaigns. I think up a GUI system that will work as quickly and conveniently as possible, a frame-by-frame animation system (there are questions here), FSM following the example of c & c, dune 2, when a unit can fire on the move in effect by performing two types of orders - movement and attack. There is still a lot of work ... and not enough free time :)
I know the feeling of not having enough free time! It's taken me about 4 years (working off and on) to get this far with my project. Of course I was a Game Maker newbie back then.


Hey. So in the description it says it doesn't work on Gms2 for Mac. I was considering getting the engine, until I read that. Do you know what makes it so?
Well, I actually have it working on a Mac now, but I need some time to update the engine. I'll let you know if I can make that happen soon.
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