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Discussion Compiler in GameMaker Studio 2 is slower?

ras maxim

Hello. I've just installed the new release of GMS 2 and now can use it with Visual Studio 2017 (thanks to the devs for this!) I have not been able to use GMS 2 with YYC until now because I couldn't install VS 2015.

For some reason my project imported to GMS 2 and compiled with VS 2017 runs slower than the same project compiled with the VS 2013 in GMS 1 . Average FPS values are ~30 FPS and ~40 FPS respectively.

If I comment out all the drawing code, it is 120 FPS and 127 FPS.

If I create an empty project (1024x768 room and an object with "show debug overlay" script line) in both GMS 1 and GMS 2 it is ~2500 FPS vs ~2200 FPS.

GMS2 is always slower for the Windows YYC build. VM Windows builds have no difference in FPS.

While it may not be noticeable for lighter projects, 10 FPS is 25% of the performance of my project in GMS 1.

What is the cause of this and how do I improve performance?