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Compiler AUDO loading for multiple minutes


Greetings guys!

So, for a while I'm having problems with the compiler. My old computer froze for 30 - 60 minutes when I started the compiler for a test launch. It kept freezing at "Writing Chunk AUDO".
I've recently bought a new high end PC, the freezing stopped, but the loading process at "Writing Chunk AUDO" is still taking several minutes.
What could be the issues there? What does "Writing Chunk AUDO" even mean?

Edit: The loading time has been heavily reduced afte rputtingf all the .mp3 background music into an audiogroup.
The music is no longer playing in game though. What's the deal with that?

Thanks in advance!
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Okay, so for some reason, having all those mp3 files floating around in the default audio group slowed it down.
I created a new audio group and used the command audio_group_load(audiogroup_name); at the start of the game and it all works fine again.