GMS 2 Compile as standalone exe in Studio 2?

I'm trying to compile my game as a standalone exe file in Gamemaker Studio 2, however due to the relative newness of the engine I can't find anything on doing this.

Is this possible in studio 2? Because I'm using some extensions and included files and it's really important to me that I can distribute my game in a clean, single exe.


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I'm pretty sure you can do that by just pressing the little box with an arrow going into it from the top. It's on the right of the save button, and left of the debug one. Else just press CNTRL + F8 which should also do it for you, provided you haven't changed your settings.


No, actually, I think GMS2 doesn't compile to a single executable anymore, it's either zip or installer.


^^for GMS2 the included files are meant to be files that are included for redistribution with the exe as separate file (usefull for ini lang files that can be edited or a png spritesheet that could be customized by player).

also what are the license of your extension ? for example if you have a dll under LGPL, the dll extension must be kept as a separate file and source code of it provided, if you want to make a single exe you'll have to share your whole source code.


I remember someone saying game maker used a hacky method to create a standalone exe.
It's a shame really, it meant testing compiled builds could be rolled out quicker
From this link :

We've said this over and over... so, for everyone else who might search for this....

1) single executable's don't work on every platform. Microsoft changed the tool so that something built on windows 8 (and above probably) don't work on anything below that. It's not our tool, we just use the MS one. So this is a horrible choice for a standard tool.

2) zip. This isn't how normal games install and the reason for this is because on windows you can run something from the zip, and this might mean it hasn't gotten all the assets DLL and packages installed it needs in the proper place. So again, not a great default choice.

3) Installer. The only guaranteed way to get a game onto someones platform. It'll install all the DLLs, DX runtimes - everything you need. Hence, the default. if we didn't pick this one, we'd get loads of support questions asking why their game doesn't work.