Android Compatibility on Android mobilephones



Hey guys, the game I will create is on Android platform. So it should be playable on different Android-Platforms.

How can I set the resolution of the game for many different devices? Like: for Samsung galaxy S3 the game should be in 1280x720 and for Galaxy Note for 1920x1080. Anyone know this?

And how I can set the turning Display? If the Handy is turn to the side, the Display should be in Fullscreen, if not it should be in tall Screen mode.

Thank you guys,

That is a very complicated (way too much to say about resolution for a normal forum post) but important topic. Fortunately it's also something you'll find many explanations and tutorials on.

To start I suggest you do the tutorial that comes with GM:S.
On the welcome screen of GMS before opening a project switch to the "Tutorials" Tab and look for tutorials on the application surface.

Then go on with a really good techblog by Mark Alexander alias Nocturne:
After that start googeling and youtubing for tutorials on gamemaker and resolution. PixelatedPope has a nice resolution playlist on youtube:
but many others do as well.

Invest some time in this. It really is very important.


Alright, thank you for this guide. I will look at this tutorials. Hope I find some interesting stuff!