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GameMaker Community Guidelines

Welcome to the GameMaker Community! This community exists to give all GameMaker users a place to seek help and advice while working on their game-dev projects. Help and feedback is given by other like-minded GameMaker users, and as such this is a community run forum.

If you are looking for any official product support from YoYo Games then please make use of the official YoYo Games Helpdesk.
The EULA for GameMaker itself can be found Here.

To keep this community a safe, family friendly and inclusive forum, we ask that you follow the guidelines given below, and keep in mind that the forum Staff will have the last say in any issues, no matter what.

Rules of Behavior

The following are an outline of the way we would expect members to behave while using this forum:

There will be zero tolerance for any of the following behaviour:
  • Discrimination or slurs against ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, disabilities or illness

  • Attacking, abusing or threatening any user for any reason.

  • Posting any illegal or pornographic material.

  • Inciting hatred or violence towards any group or individual.

  • Posting foul language, offensive images or videos, or links to offensive sites.

  • Spamming, including repeated advertising, excessive self promotion, posting duplicate content, or requesting votes.

  • Posting personal information, discussing, or calling out any user or person beyond yourself on the public forums.

  • Impersonating Admins, Moderators, YoYoGames Staff or any other user.
Any of the above behaviours could lead to a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation as determined by the moderation team.

General Guidelines

The following general guidelines will be strictly enforced by moderators, although if you think you have a reason for breaking any of them you can contact a member of staff and it will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Please do not:
  • Create more than 1 user account.
  • Excessively bump topics. Try to wait at least 48 hours if your post has not been responded to, to give time for people to see the topic.
  • Discuss pirated software or illegal activity, this includes discussing decompilers for GM games.
  • Discuss unrelated political issues as well as grey areas including gender, religion or race (except in Off Topic, and even then discussions must be respectful and follow the Rules of Behaviour as outlined above).
  • Discuss or post software, games or projects that contain malicious elements (Keyloggers, Pranks etc)
  • Speculate about GMS features or YYG policy - we don't want pointless speculation becoming rumour or being considered the "official" YYG point of view. Stick to known facts from official YYG sources please.
  • Contact members via Personal Message (PM) asking for help unless explicitly requested.
  • Use referral or rewards links in posts.
  • Post content you are not legally entitled to share or that contains assets you are not legally entitled to use.
  • Post topics that request or incite others to break the YoYo Games EULA or ToS, for example requesting someone port GameMaker: Studio games to other platforms that you do not own.
  • Use offensive or inflammatory avatars, signatures or usernames (Moderator discretion. Be sensible!)
  • Add inappropriate Tags to posts.
  • Create threads devoid of meaningful or interesting content. This includes "count to X" threads, or "list" threads.
  • Create polls without first discussing the content with a member of staff. Polls that have not been sanctioned by a staff member will be removed/closed.
  • Resurrect or bump very old inactive threads without very good cause.
  • Remove thread contents after a thread has been created. If you have made a mistake or resolved your issue, please DO NOT edit the thread to remove the contents. This is rude and selfish, as it destroys any possible chance that another user could benefit from the the replies. If you wish a post or a thread removed then please report it to the moderators for removal.
  • Post threads about school homework, requesting that members do it for you or that offer payment for members to do it for you.
  • Post in all CAPS or use excessive color, bold or large text, or special fonts, or any other excessive formatting. Instead use them sparingly for emphasis.
  • Use the Status Updates for questions that are more appropriate to the Tech Support or Programming forums.
  • Have a signature that is annoying to others, offensive or taller than 150px or wider than 1024px. Anything the moderators thinks is not appropriate will be removed.
  • Post topics that could promote any product that directly or indirectly competes with any product by YoYo Games Ltd.
Please do:
  • Always use thread Prefixes where possible.
  • Always use appropriate thread Tags where possible
  • Post your topic on the correct board.
  • Report posts and threads if you believe they break any of these rules, rather than post to tell the user.
  • Keep replies concise, on topic and to the point.
  • Use the Conversation system if you wish to chat with other members off-topic.
  • Be friendly and helpful! We all started off as beginners.
  • Please use English when posting so that everyone is on the same level when communicating, even if it's been translated using a tool like Google Translate.
  • Keep forum profile signatures to within 1024px width by 150px height total size.

Board Specific

The different forums that make up the GameMaker Community are all covered by the above guidelines, but there are a few extra details that you should be aware of when posting to specific forums. You can find further information on them from the following links:


As mentioned at the start of this post, we aim to provide one of the best community experiences you can find on the internet, and previous incarnations of the GameMaker Community have been well known as friendly, safe and helpful places to hang out and seek information. We hope that you appreciate the effort that our staff and other members put into keeping the forum like this and do your best to continue with the good atmosphere we have around here.

All the best, and happy GameMaking!


PS: You must not say DUCK. :duck:
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