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Team Request [COMMISSION] Looking to fill positions for my company's first game!

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Brennan, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Brennan

    Brennan Guest

    Hello to all!


    My name is Brennan. I am 25 years old with a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Full Sail (not as special as it sounds). My passions are drawing (pixel and paper), designing music (FL Studio), and programming (GML, C++, and soon C#). My dream and goal in life is to bring a game company to life and bringing it to the top of the video game industry!

    To that effect, I am in the midst of having my company "Hughrock Projects" up and running as an official game company sometime next year! That means, by working for me, you'll start seeing pay raises, bonuses, and even benefits as we create new and exciting games together! I believe in sharing the pie, even if I paid someone else to bake it. Yummy!

    Designing and building games is in my blood! Not that I'm from a long line of successful game designers, but rather because all of my passions work perfectly to that aim. I've been trying for a project in C#, but I haven't learned enough, yet. However, I may not have to now that I have been working with Gamemaker Studio for almost 2 years.

    I got into Gamemaker studio while in the middle of my C# classes (2015) due to the surprising simplicity and raw power of GML. The non-object oriented language felt strange, but also strangely familiar. I suppose that's not surprising when you consider that it shares various attributes with C++ and Javascript. I began with a simple pong game, and then a multiplayer pong game. I've been throwing together staple games to test various functionality all this time for the main reason of seeing how applicable Gamemaker Studio is to my needs. I have finally decided that it will serve its purpose just fine, and am here now to begin my trek to a successful (and profitable) future of making games with like minded individuals!

    That's where you (the individuals) come into "play". Haha... Ok, it's not funny. Anyway, I am looking to fill the positions below. This will allow for the continuation and completion my current project. Descriptions of each position and everything you'll need to apply is also listed below. Remember, I am in the midst of setting up "Hughrock Projects" as a legitimate company, and getting on board now will only give you a better position as the team grows, and business builds. I have all the marketing knowledge and resources, the proofreader, a company waiting to produce merchandise, and even another company willing to contract at the first sign of profit! Now I just need the product...


    Name: "Equal"
    Genre: 2d / Tower Defense / Real-Time Strategy

    Platform(s): Android / PC (eventually)

    The Name:

    The name of the game is "Equal". The name is subject to change, but I have always had a soft spot for semi-cryptic simple titles. Easy to remember, and fun to talk about. That's how I see it anyway. I'm open to suggestions from anyone.

    The Plot:

    Note: This game progresses by means of endless combat. Story related moments appear before and after various battles as build-ups and conclusions, respectively.

    In a not-so-distant future (like 100 - 200 years from the present), we have achieved faster-than-light travel, and, as a result, have ventured out into the cosmos. Earth is but another planet with human life on it, now. Well... it was.

    In this seemingly infinite universe of ours, we have yet to discover any intelligent life, or ANY life beyond plant life. Instead, we found a frightening and bizarre creature! It's made of unknown metals, and is clearly intelligent, but we can't determine if it's actually alive or not. We CAN tell this, however. It consumes organic material... that means us.

    They have been given the nickname, "Pests" due to their annoying habit of multiplying rapidly, and waiting until their numbers are ridiculous before attacking. Fortunately, they aren't as difficult to destroy. The weapons of the time are more than capable of the task, but it's nearly impossible to mobilize a force large enough to eradicate these Pests. So instead, a few especially resource - rich planets have become fortified training bases for new recruits seeking to rid the universe of these Pests.

    It comes as no surprise, and may seem predictable that humans had something to do with the Pest's creation. This isn't discovered until later in the game, and even then, the Pest's TRUE origins may still make for an exciting twist!

    Since everything is automated, a single pilot is more than capable of operating an entire army by themselves! With so many cities and territories throughout the universe, it has become essential to send single pilots off to protect these areas. You have been recruited as one of these pilots, and are preparing to set out to begin your training in "Pest" control! The mayhem starts here. Good luck.


    After completing the tutorial missions, you will be able to choose from 3 different bases before each battle. The type of base you begin with can have a drastic effect on the outcome of that battle, as your base decides what bonuses you begin with. An Combat-Type Base makes building destructive units much easier. The Lab-Type Base offers rapid researching for new technology. Lastly, the Reserve-Type Base starts you off with additional resources, and resource capacity.

    Before a battle can begin, you must select a number of units equal to the number of unit slots you have unlocked. After you begin, you cannot change any units in these slot until the battle is over, so choose wisely.

    Once the battle begins, your base is the enemy's target. They will approach from one end of the field, and attempt to break through your defenses with everything they have (from close-range sound cannons to long-range slug weapons). You must DESTROY all enemies, or the mission isn't complete. Each battle varies in duration as the enemies do not follow a set pattern for how they appear beyond starting relatively easy, and becoming increasingly more difficult later on.

    Your base will grant you a steadily regenerating stash of resources, and it's your job to construct field units, and base upgrades to regenerate resources faster, and increase resource capacity. All this while protecting your base, and your non-combat field units.

    In order to make a new unit, you select the unit you want to build. All available building locations will be highlighted with a green hologram on the building space. Once you've selected an applicable space, a Construction Drone will move out to the target location starting at the base. Once the drone has reached the space, it will spend a few seconds (depending on the unit) to build the your new Pest-icide! Still not funny? Oh well. Continuing; Upon completion, the drone will disappear, and you'll be left with a Field Unit in its Cube Form. By tapping on the Cube Form, it will Activate, and transform into its Ready Form. While in Cube Form, all units act as though they are turned OFF, gain a shield bonus for defense, and do not consume any resources. All units have a small energy cost to operate. This often includes a little extra energy to fire various weapons.

    You can research upgrades and the like at your base. These upgrades include speeding up your Construction Drone, or allowing your field units to reach their Ready Form faster. There are plenty more upgrades, and many can only be unlocked by meeting certain conditions beforehand (like the requirement of repairing 5 units before you can research an upgrade to make the Repair Drone fix your units faster).

    Different enemies will have different weaknesses, so picking the right unit before battle is VERY important. Also, while you can only pick a certain number of units to take with you into battle, you always have the ability to research all upgrades your specific base has available to it.

    Fortunately, among all of the destruction, there are only bosses to give you headaches at the end of each world you fight on. However, with 20+ worlds to play on, you might want to grab your Asprin!


    Now, I'm sure everyone has at least HEARD of Plants vs. Zombies. I have to admit that Equal was partially inspired by it. I loved the unique style of tower defense and real time strategy. However, as cute as it was to plant a pea plant to kill oncoming zombies with actual giant peas, I craved something a little more... epic.

    Another game that helped to inspire this one is an older RTS game known as Total Annihilation (the only reason I know how to spell the word, "annihilation"). This game had that sense of epic I was looking for in the form of machines that would be built in a "compact" state, and then transform into weapons of mass destruction (literally transform) whenever an enemy draws near.


    Now, before we get into positions, I feel it's important to notify you that I am NOT giving paycheck, YET. I'm not made of money... not yet, anyway. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to afford handing out monthly paychecks, as I have no income beyond my own personal job. Instead, the best I can offer is a slice of the pie I mentioned earlier. You are promised 10% of the profit made off this project. Even when paychecks become available, you will still be receiving a percentage for the games you work with. That includes merchandise, of course! The commission is subject to change whenever I see fit, and for whatever reason I see fit to give. I have already promised 10% for this project, so that isn't changing. I have to bare in mind future increases in earned wages, and how much your wallets will be weighing you down!



    Pixel Artist and Animators
    Sound and Music Artists


    All Positions are REQUIRED to:

    • Check in every OTHER week. This can be done either by Skype Video Calling, or Apple Facetime, and must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance. Normally, I would call you at the predetermined time, but we can work something out if your weeks are too hectic. This is important for YOU because this will act as legal documentation that you have both worked for me until that point, and that you have earned any wages promised to that same point. In other words, you show me what you've done, and I sign a basic receipt saying I can't get out of paying you what was promised to you. You get a copy, of course. Since these are commission only at the moment, the receipts are more to show if you HAVEN'T been working.

    Pixel Artist and Animator -

    • You will be free to use whatever pixel art programs you're comfortable with. As long as the quality is there.
    • All images must be in PNG format. A single format for all images makes my headaches go away!
    • You will be responsible for both drawing an image, and then animating it, as most images are animated in this game.
    • Being able to draw landscapes is a plus.
    • Being able to draw banners and buttons is a plus.
    • Being able to draw mechs, machines, and basic transformation animations is a MAJOR plus!
    • You MUST have an example of sprites and animations using 64x64 frames. There must be at least 20 frames to your example.
    • I have a special position for anyone that can create a 1 minute intro video to my liking.

    Programmer -
    • GML is the obvious language requirement.
    • You don't need to be an EXPERT, since I can, and am willing to teach, but you MUST have a decent understanding of GML and how to use it.
    • Understanding of Facebook functions is a plus.
    • Understanding of Networking functions is a MAJOR plus since I can't teach this one very well, yet. I may actually come to you with questions to help me better understand it.
    • Understanding of Ad functions is a plus.

    Sound and Music Artist -

    • Use of FL Studio is a plus, since I use it, and can better coordinate as a result, but as long as we can coordinate at all, and the quality is there, I don't really care.
    • Your examples get extra brownie points if it includes a soundtrack with original sound effects (not as common these days).
    • Your examples MUST include a 30 second musical tune designed to promote exciting gameplay.
    • I don't care if the examples are in MIDI, WAV, MP3, whatever. I'm looking for originality, creativeness, and the ability to generate music based on a theme.
    IMPORTANT: Don't forget that this game is likely to be relatively easy for those who get the job. I'm looking for expertise here and there more for future, more difficult, projects. Don't be intimidated into thinking that you'll be working your butt off with only the promise of commission. I know better than to assume that. Think of this as a chance to show off what you can do, and to build a career out making games! You only have to work for an IOU, once. You'll be getting commission after this game is released. Then, you'll be getting even more commission after we release the next game, and so on. I expect to be handing out pay checks (rough estimation is starting around $1000 a month plus 5% commission) after the 3rd or 4th game. That's when I project us to be making enough money to support monthly checks so you guys don't have to wake up at 6am to run to a job you hate. This is a REAL JOB! When the company is finished, and we have a steady profit working for us, you will be given the option to fill out W-4's so that will be able to use this job in your taxes.

    Simply send me a PM with the position your applying for at the top. Include your portfolio, or a link to your portfolio for me to look over.

    You can, of course, PM me for more details, or with any questions you may have. Thank you for going through all of this with me, and putting up with my various spelling and grammar errors. I look forward to hear from some promising candidates over the next few days.

    Thanks again. Have a fantastic day!
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