Combat Cats: Classic {Now in Early Access}


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Combat Cats: Classic is a unique blend of tile-matching, aerial combat and adventure rpg!

Kitty Island is in shambles. This once purrfect paradise is now without an ounce of catnip. You and your veteran Ace Pilots of the Kitty Island are the last hope to return peace and harmony. Go against impawsible odds and battle waves of enemies in the world of Combat Cats: Classic.

The game features an assortment of weaponry that can be used by matching clusters of blocks. These blocks will unleash a barrage of rockets, bullets, repairs and much more. Match huge clusters to launch a massive special attack and take down many enemies at once!


Key Features:

  • Match bricks in any pattern you want.
  • Earn extra points and do more damage with bigger combos.
  • Unlock new pilots each with unique special attacks!
  • Pop pesky water bubbles that block your game board.
  • Upgrade stats, weapons, aircraft!
  • Unlock achievemeownts!
  • And so much more!
Coming Soon:

  • Hot new graphics!
  • Weird new 3D features!
  • More juicification!
  • Totally rad new soundtrack!
  • More Catz!
You can get it at and Gamejolt!


Thanks a bunch! There's a tutorial in game but it's currently very lacking so that's one if the things I'll be remastering. Essentially it's a game of swapping blocks. Your current selected block is shown above the board, you then tap anywhere on the board to swap your block with one on the board. Blocks that March your current block will automatically highlight to give you suggestions for where to place your current block. It sounds convoluted but after a round or two it becomes second nature.

I'm glad you love the kitty island, it's about to get a huge overhaul!