Windows Colors: Chromatics - Color Based JRPG Style Game



Colors: Chromatics is a JRPG centered around colors and darkness.

The world turns black and white overnight. What is going on? Its up to you to figure out and finding other survivors of this mysterious event.

In battles, you can change the color of the batlefield with your "soul color", this changes everyone's stats and might even give you an extra field effect. Use this effect to your advantage to fight against enemy spirits.

There are areas of the game that are pitch black. You can hear the walls though, and it's actually very easy and intuitive. It also is usable by the blind. You can see a demo of that here:

It is heavily inspired by Golden Sun, Suikoden and a little pinch of Undertale because why not.



The screenshots are from the current version which will be in 2 weeks updated.