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Windows Color Issues when running Demo program


Hello, I'm testing out the latest GMS2 version: and when I run the program the colors change. Almost like CMYK instead of RGB. Attached is a sample.

There isn't any code in this tutorial demo I'm testing, so it has to be something with my system. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. I'm running Windows 7 Pro.

Thank you in advance,
GMS2 Color Issue - 1.jpg


Does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this color issue. I've looked into Windows Color management and profiles to see if there is anything strange, but everything looks normal and default. This happens on every program that I download and/or create from scratch. The room view looks correct, but when I run the program the colors are ALL off.

Thank you in advance to anyone with any ideas.

p.s. - I know I'm new here, so do I have this in the correct category of the forum? Thanks again!!!

p.s.s. - I'm running the trial version, is there a limitation on color in that version of the program? The official post doesn't say there is, but just wondering if anyone has experienced this same issue.
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No, I am just downloading the demo programs from the tutorials section of this site. I was also following some basic (new user) youtube tutorials on how to build basic games with GMS2. Simple stuff I believe.

I've loaded this on my laptop and the color is correct there. So, it's something very specific to my desktop PC. Just would like to know what it might be prior to deciding if Game Maker Studio is right for me. Thanks again to anyone who can help.


You aren't by any chance running a program called "f.lux", are you?
f.lux doesn't "bake" it's color temperature shift after taking screenshots like this. I just tried it. I believes it talks directly to the video drivers.