Collisions not working



Hello, I have a problem with objects using a data_map for variables using any collision in code...

In the create event I have something like this

monsters[0] = ds_map_create();

the script looks something like
var m_map = monsters[arg1]
variable = m_map[? "variable"];

Calling all the variables works fun and they work for all the other parts of the game.... However the objects that use this code wont collide with other objects instance, place_meeting, position_point or w.e other functions they are along with the collide event....

However when I use the ID of placing the object these collisions do work...
var placed = instance_create_layer(mouse_x,mouse_y,"turrets",oturret);
with(placed) {
move_snap(32,32); //I am not sure if this creates problems or not

//Tile Change, Temporary fix
image_index = 2
This code works perfectly fine, however if I place this into the object step event it wont work....

I have lots more code but I dont see how it would affect it in any shape or form...
Collision rectangles do partially work
I checked all the origin points on the sprites.

P.S. Im usually pretty good about problem solving and I am sure I can think of some work around for this but I cant understand why this is happening, this my biggest concern, I would greatly appreciate any help.


When you use the object name in stead of the ID, the collision checks for only 1 of the instances, usually the first created I believe.
mmmm that doesnt add up as the event collision event is inside the object thats having this problem and it should know its own id.